Concussion Management

Concussion Management

As part of Vikings Rugby Club continues care for the health and well-being of its athletes, Concussion Management is established to manage head injuries and fully endorsed by Board of Directors, Coaches and Trainers.

Post Concussion Protocol

  • If an athlete is suspected of having sustained a concussion, they will be removed from the field of play and evaluated by the “trainer”.
  • If it is determined that they have sustained a concussion, the athlete will not be permitted to return to play that day.
  • The athlete must receive clearance from a medical doctor to return to the field; this will be done after the athlete’s symptoms have fully resolved and are not reproduced by daily activities.
  • The athlete’s first practice back will be a non contact
  • If at any time the athlete starts to develop symptoms, they will stop practice and start the recovery process again.
  • The next practice will be controlled contact, and at an overall higher intensity than first practice.
  • The next practice will be a full contact practice.
  • The athlete will be re evaluated using the SCAT3 prior to returning to game play and only after all the above steps have been completed
  • The athlete will be monitored during the first game back and will be evaluated again after the game.

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